A Mostly Harmless Brew Day – 04/27/13

A gorgeous day here in Georgia and today we’ll be bottling our Wife Beater ESB and brewing our White House Honies Honey Ale.  We’ve still got our Hair of the Dog Oatmeal Stout fermenting.

We’ve turned brew days into a party up in hurr.  We’ll be sampling a few brews (duh) and there’ll be burgers and dogs on the grill, we might even fire up a cigar or two.  Y U SO JELLY?

Mostly Harmless Ales WBESB

Mostly Harmless Ales Wife Beater ESB

Mostly Harmless HOTDOS

Mostly Harmless Ales HOTDOS


3 thoughts on “A Mostly Harmless Brew Day – 04/27/13

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