Plastics + Hot Liquids = $&*%!

Saturday was another brew day and we also bottled our first brew, the Wife Beater ESB.  Bottling went pretty smoothly although I almost forgot to add the priming sugar.   I guess now we can officially saw we brewed beer.  Booyah.

Bottled our first beer!  Wife Beater ESB.

Bottled our first beer! Wife Beater ESB.


In addition to bottling we also brewed a honey ale.  We actually brewed the White House Honey Ale that El Potus drinks at home.  Thanks Obama.  This was our first all grain recipe and things went… well, a little haywire.  First, I didn’t compensate for boil-off in the wort and ended up with much less than needed.  It didn’t help matters that I tried to drain the grain after mashing in a plastic colander that fit over the boil pot quite nicely.  However a huge sack (lol) of hot and wet grain on a plastic colander made it a bit bendy and the bag of grain cannonballed into the wort produce a geyser of stickiness all over me, Brian, my dog and most of my kitchen.   Awesome.

After all was said and done I had to top off with almost 2 gallons of water and missed OG by a lot.  We ended making a bit of a booster with our remaining honey and some priming sugar and ended up getting most of OG back.  I was going to name this one White House Honies and put some American flags and bikini models on the label but after “sampling” several beers one of my friends was pretty insistent that we call it Angel Farts.  I’m not as much a fan of the name as I am the story that goes along with it, the jury is still out on whether the name sticks or not.  Either way I’ll always have the story.




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