We’re Moving On Up!

I had a little extra time on my hands this week so I decided to convert an old cooler into a mash tun (also called a  mash-lauter tun or MLT).  Using a mash tun to mash our grain will keep us from having anymore splashdowns from dropping hot sacks o’ grain into our wort like we did on our Honey Ale.

To try out the new gear (and to give us an excuse to drink a few more) we brewed up a SMaSH Ale on Tuesday night.  SMaSH stands for Single Malt and Single Hop and it’s just what it says it is, a beer using only one kind of malt and one kind of hop… we chose Maris Otter and Kent Goldings for ours.  Due to the same events that preceded having some extra time this week this beer has been dubbed Unemployment Ale.

We also tried out our Wife Beater ESB this week.  It’s been in bottles about 10 days and still needs some more time to carb up.  It’s very light but the flavor is nice.  Brian thought it was OK, Brian’s wife however said, “No… no… that’s terrible.  That’s just awful.”  Brian’s wife is no longer allowed to participate in brew day or any other homebrew related activities.

The Hair of the Dog Oatmeal Stout was moved from primary to secondary fermentation and we sampled a bit of that as well.  This beer has potential, nice coffee flavor and “roastiness” to it.  I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

MLT in Action

MLT in Action

Delicious wort.

Delicious wort.

A fried of mine told me after seeing this pic that I should connect a hose to the MLT and not allow so much splashing and such next time as it can be bad for the beer, so that’ll probably happen.  I don’t want to unintentionally mistreat by beer.


5 thoughts on “We’re Moving On Up!

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