Yeast Starters and Spruce Tips

We continue to upgrade the equipment and tMHBC as we plan and ponder our next brew(s).  Brian is on a trip to the Pacific NW and while away he was on a mission to find some spruce tips for us to brew with.  He found a nice amount of spruce tips while out and about and said he’s at least 43% sure what he found is in fact spruce.  Meh, we’ll find out for sure when we drink the beer.

We also added a stir plate to our gear this week.  I had a cigar box or 50 lying around and with a few parts from Radio Shack we were in bizness.  The stir plate is used to make a yeast starter which will help verify our yeast is healthy and also increase cell count so we can make sure we have enough gluttonous yeasties to eat up all that delicious sugar we’ve set out for them.

Our SMaSH is fermenting nicely and the airlock is bubbling away.  Our Hair of the Dog Oatmeal Stout is about ready to bottle so I’m doing a bit of reading on the proper way to add some bourbon and oak to it.  I think this is going to be a nice beer.

No brewing our bottling this weekend.  It’s all about yard work and cigars and drinking beer!

Stir Plate Rocking It

Stir Plate Rocking It



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