Bud Light Dry Hop Experiment – The Results

A couple weeks ago I shared that we were going to experiment with dry-hopping Bud Light to taste the difference in hop varieties.  Bud Light is a good delivery vehicle due to its wat… mild flavor profile.

After adding 1 gram of hop pellets to each bottle I allowed them to sit at room temperature for two days then cold-crashed them overnight.  Brian and I got together with another friend to taste the results, here’s what we all thought.

Delicious Dry-Hopped Bud Light

Delicious Dry-Hopped Bud Light


  • TD – Slight aroma, bit of ‘funk’ on the nose.  Sweetness and dankness on the palate.  Grassy!
  • BH – Very little aroma, slightly sweet on the nose.  Super-watery, washed out, effervescent.
  • ET – Light and refreshing hop, not overpowering.  No discernible aroma.


  • TD – I love this hop.  AMAZING aroma, nice citrus on the palate.  My new favorite hop.
  • BH – All about the aroma, beautiful and delightful, I want to snort it.  Bit more body and presence than Challenger.  “Oranginess” that sticks around, somewhat refreshing with better flavor than Challenger.
  • ET – Very pungent and dank.  Do not like this hop at all.


  • TD – Fruity aroma, very light.  Slightly sweet and musty flavor.
  • BH – Little to no aroma.  Fruity quality… possibly pear or very mild apple.  Not overpowering.  Maybe kiwi?
  • ET – Pear, apple on the aroma.  Soft fleshy fruit, like apricot or peach.


  • TD – Sweet aroma, citrus/pine.  Doughy-grass and pine on the palate.
  • BH – Like licking an evergreen tree.  Aroma is like a musty and mild Citra, cut grass on the palate.
  • ET – Musty-basement and wet dog aroma with a hint of pine.


  • TD – Light citrus aroma.  Piney-grapefruit flavor.  Noticeable lack of sweetness compared to the others.  White pepper.
  • BH – A little sweet and piney on the nose, maybe grapefruity-pine.  Effervescent and peppery with a faint orange/tangerine.
  • ET – Light floral aroma.  Sweet citrus, more flesh/pulp than rind flavor, some bitterness… maybe pepper but not sure.


  • TD – Reminds me of the Citra on the aroma, very nice citrus/pine.  Lighter flavor profile with a pine sap characteristic.
  • BH – Evergreen and pepper, palate kind of shot at this point.
  • ET – Dank and foresty, more pine than citrus.  No real tasting notes, too many to tell at this point.

3 thoughts on “Bud Light Dry Hop Experiment – The Results

    • Just recapped with regular crimp caps, had no issues. They were only capped a few days but they held carbonation. I wouldn’t try crimp caps on screw top bottles for the long haul but for this it worked fine.


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