Look at our wine, our wine is amazing.

We bottled up our Horse Pop (our take on Skeeter Pee) last week and it has made the rounds of friends and family and received the seal of approval.

Sweet, sweet lemonade

Sweet, sweet lemonade

Horse Pop is a lemon “wine” that is fairly quick to make, doesn’t require aging, drinks like Kool Aid, and packs in 10% ABV.  On a hot day by the pool or grilling in the backyard (or by your condo’s designated grilling platform), Horse Pop will sneak up and kick you in the head.  It’s very easy to drink straight and great over ice.  I’ve heard it’s pretty good mixed with sangria as well and one friend said he was going to try some in a whiskey sour.

This will definitely be made again.  Next time we’ll probably try adding some strawberries or raspberries to it.  Brian said something about adding apricots and raspberries and blueberries and somethingorother… maybe he thought I said we were making fruit salad?





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