Our first mead… Pirate Pancake Syrup

Way back in May Brian and I took the plunge and made our first batch of mead.

I’d tried a few meads in the past and hadn’t been very impressed with what I’d tried so I wasn’t necessarily excited to try this out however Brian brought all the goods with him to tMHBC and I do like making alcoholic beverages so I was game.  We brewed it and stuck it in a closet then we’d peek in on it every few weeks to see how it was coming along.  Our recipe was based off Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead, a popular first mead from HomeBrewTalk.com.  Now we’re never been known to make anything as is, cause we’re rebellious like that, so we did make a few changes along the way.

We totally made this mead.

We totally made this mead.

This Saturday we bottled it up and made some piraty labels for it.  We even charred the edges of the labels to give it an old ragged map look.  Since we only set the smoke detector off once the process was an overall success and we liked the results.  After bottling we immediately tossed one in the freezer to try and about an hour later popped it open.  Hoe. Lee. Sheet.  I was shocked by how good it was.  Sweet honey and orange with just enough spices to add to the character.  Without a doubt the best mead I’ve ever had and, it pains me to say this, probably the best thing we’ve brewed so far. (Please don’t tell our Mostly Mosaic pale ale that I said that.)

There will definitely be another batch of Pirate Pancake Syrup in our future.  This is the first brew we’ve done where I can say there’s nothing at all I’d change about the recipe.  The major bummer here is that we only got eight 375ml bottles out of this batch.  The shortage of bottles brought out our greedy side and we immediately felt the need to dig a hole and bury this treasure so none of our freeloadin’ friends and neighbors would want to try it.  We’re normally generous with our brews but not this time, screw you guys, this is our mead.

A little bottle of gold.

A little bottle of gold.





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