Continuous Hopping our Kiwi Kaleidoscope

Yesterday we brewed an IIPA with all New Zealand hops and dubbed it Kiwi Kaleidoscope.  We used a mix of Green Bullet, Pacific Gem and Kohatu hops and we’re going to add some fresh kiwi fruit to secondary.  In theory we’re pretty sure this is going to be the greatest beer ever brewed.  Don’t be jealous.

In order to make this brew day as much of a pain in the ass as possible we decided to try our hand at continuous hopping after watching some videos with Sam Caligone talking about it.  Since we don’t have an old-school vibrating football game we had to improvise.  We measured out 31 portions of hops to add throughout a 90 minute boil, 30 additions during the boil with a final addition at flame-out with a 15 minute steep.  We started at 90 minutes with heavy additions of the super high AA Pacific Gem (16.4%) and used a blend of Pacific Gem and Green Bullet through the middle of the boil finally tapering to Green Bullet / Kohatu and then just Kohatu with a small addition of all 3 at flameout.  Estimated IBU’s according to Beersmith are 122.2, nice.  It’s very, very hoppy and bitter – but it’s a smooth and crisp bitterness.  I’m really excited to see how this one turns out.

This is also our first brew using our fermentation chamber with full control over temps.  We started it at 62°F and after a few days we’re going to take it up to 64°F.  I’ve heard that having precise temp control makes a huge difference for homebrewers, can’t wait to find out.  I’ll make another post soon showing what I did to add heating to my chamber, it’s a cheap and easy setup.

Continuous Hopping - 31 Additions!

Continuous Hopping – 31 Additions!

My sack looks dirty.

My sack looks dirty.

Fermentation Temperature Control

Fermentation Temperature Control

Next week we should be ready to check out Señor Saison, our jalapeño saison and bottle up our Nutstalgia Nut Brown Ale.  We have several nut extracts (yes I said nut extracts) that we’re going to use in each bottle to have a variety to try.  Hazelnut, Almond and Pistachio for sure and we also have some Black Cardamom and Anise extract, not sure what I think about those in a brown ale but we might do 1-2 bottles just to check it out.  If they don’t kill us we’ll report back with results.



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