2013 Brew Year in Review

The Christmas paper has been cleaned up, the hangovers are clearing and we’re ready to roll into an amazing 2014.

2013 was a really big year for us at Mostly Harmless, as it was our first year brewing.  We jumped in with both feet and in a few cases forgot to check the depth of the water before doing so.  All in all we’ve learned an unbelievable amount about brewing, we’ve brewed and shared some great beers and we’ve made some new friends.  I’d say that makes for a successful year.  Here’s a review of what we accomplished last year.

In April 2013 we brewed our first batches of beer.  A stout that we converted from a Mr. Beer kit and an extract ESB batch.  The stout was not very good and the ESB was tasty but lighter than we expected.  Fast forward a few months and we now have a 15 & 6 gallon boil kettle, MLT, countless carboys, wort chiller, Thermapen, fermentation chamber, keezer, hydrometers and refractometers, pH meter and a host of other gadgets and gizmos.  We’ve gone from a simple extract batch to all-grain in 8 months time.  We’ve brewed 15 batches of beer totalling 70 gallons, 2 batches of wine totalling 8 gallons and 6 batches of mead totalling 14 gallons (a few 1 gallon batches here).

We reformulated our stout that was not very good and ended up brewing one of the better stouts I’ve had, of course we’re out of it now so we need to brew more.  We accidentally discovered we make really good mead, so we’ve put some additional efforts into that.  We brewed up a couple batches of quick wine that was quite popular at parties and we made a SMaSH brew dedicated to a friend that got us a bit of exposure on Twitter and even had people offering to buy our beer, they were quite disappointed when we said we were homebrewers and couldn’t do that.

2014 should be a big year for us.  We’ve got our last brew of 2013 in primary now and we’ve got a saison on deck for out next brew.  We also plan to brew another batch of our stout soon and hope we can recreate what we did last time.

We still have plenty to learn but we’re having a great time getting it all figured out, I can’t wait to see where we are at this time next year!  Happy New Year, everyone!  Here’s a quick look at what we accomplished in 2013.



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