Mostly Harmless Ferm-o-Vision

We are broadcasting LIVE!!!

I finally figured out how to get our webcam viewable outside of the local network.  Right now it’s kind of boring as the most active fermentation has subsided for this batch, we’ll update when we brew again if anyone wants to come check out the madness.  For now I’m going to have it set where anyone can control the camera, since I imagine there won’t be a mad rush of users trying to control it all at one.  Maybe one day we’ll have that problem!

To access the camera just go here –> tMHBC LIVE CAM
Username: VIP
Password: 12345

Heck, we might even get all wild and broadcast our brew days live… cause we’re crazy like that.

Fermentation Camera Snapshot

Fermentation Camera Snapshot

How to setup your own Fermentation Cam:

These instructions assume you have a static IP address.  If you have a dynamic IP address you’ll need to use a DDNS service such as or before continuing.

  1. Buy a wireless IP camera (I bought a Tenvis JPT3815W, Foscam FI8918W is another that came recommended.)
  2. Setup the camera to work on your network.  You’ll need to be able to connect (with a cable) both the computer you use to set this up and the camera to the wireless router for this step
  3. The Tenvis camera comes with a pretty easy to use wizard to setup the camera.  Just follow the prompts.  If you’re more tech savvy you can use the Advanced mode to set everything manually.
  4. Make note of the IP assigned to the camera as well as the port it’s accessing.  I believe mine defaulted to port 82.  Also make a note of the external URL it gives you for access.  For the Tenvis came it uses a portion of the serial number plus for access.  For example, my camera’s URL is
  5. Test the camera in wireless mode to make sure it all works.
  6. To access the camera from an external network (any connection not connected to your wireless router) you will need to set Port Forwarding on your router to allow access to the camera’s IP.  Each router will have a slightly different process.  You can Google your router make and model and “setup port forwarding” and it should tell you what you need to know.  NOTE: I have Comcast business for my internet access and instead of a traditional modem it uses a “business gateway” that is a modem/router combination.  If you have a similar configuration you will need to set port forwarding on the gateway to allow access to the router’s IP address.  Note that this is not the same as the address you use to access the wireless router on your network, it is probably formatted as a 10.1.x.x address.
  7. Once all port forwarding is set test it out on a connection outside of your network.  I used my iPhone with WiFi turned off.  If you’re port forwarding is set correctly you should be good.

Basic Troubleshooting

  • The most likely issue you might run into here is with port forwarding.  If you can see the camera inside your network but not externally then it’s a port forwarding issue.  You can test if your port is open at  It should auto-populate with your IP address then you simply enter the port number you want to check.
  • As stated above, you’ll need a static IP address to make this happen.  If you have a dynamic IP then you’ll need to set something up with a DDNS service such as or  I know that has a free option to get you started and paid options to give you more control.  Both sites have getting started guides to help you through the process.



5 thoughts on “Mostly Harmless Ferm-o-Vision

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  2. Haha this is awesome. I just set up my own carboy cam the other day. Pretty much the exact same way, only I am using Yawcam to stream it so viewers don’t have control over the camera, and to save a frame every minute or so, so that I’ll have a timelapse after fermentation. Check it out!

    • Thanks! Unfortunately Chrome is telling me it can’t connect to your feed. I can set mine where people can’t move the camera but I figure for now it will be fine as I’m sure we won’t have a lot of traffic. I’ll have to check out Yawcam, I’d like a way to do timelapse on our fermentations – if I did that I would probably want to change it to view only.


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