Brew Day! Atlantarctica Belgian Tripel White IPA

That’s right, a Belgian Tripel White IPA… don’t be scared.  We had a gorgeous Saturday here and a great brew day.  As usual Brian and I were in the brewhouse but we had the help of another friend that shared some awesome info with us.  It’s always great to have another brewer join you and share their knowledge.  I like comparing processes and seeing the different paths others take to get to the end result, any time I’ve had another brewer help out I always find a tweak or two to add to or improve our process.   BTW… this brew is live on Fermo-O-Vision if you’d like to take a look.

Atlantarctica Info Sheet

Atlantarctica Info Sheet

If you saw my last post on Synesthesia Saison you know that brew was my personal side project, this one is 100% Brian’s.  I helped him in the “research” phase of the project where we tried several witbiers and white IPA’s to note characteristics we liked and didn’t like.  Best of Show went to Houblon Chouffe and the best American White IPA was Sweetwater Whiplash, we promise there was no loca favoritism here, it’s a very solid white IPA.  The Atlantarctica recipe is loosely based on those two beers, or rather inspired by them.  Brian chose a basic pilsner malt as the base, a heavy dose of wheat, a bit of flaked oats and a pound of soft Belgian white candi sugar.  The hop bill includes Cascade, El Dorado, Centennial Mosaic and Amarillo – with 4 1/2 oz in the boil and another 3 oz that will be used to dry hop.

The brew day overall ran very well.  We had to re-run our first sparge as the runoff was way too fast and emptied the MLT in about 1 minute, but other than that we were pretty spot on.  Mash temps were solid and we hit 1.077 OG with a target of 1.078 – can’t argue with that.  We’re consistently hitting 65% efficiency on our brews now and it’s time to dial that up, we just picked up a Monster Mill MM-2 so hopefully getting control of our crush will help with that.

I hope that fish doesn't eat all our grains.

I hope that fish doesn’t eat all our grains.

One big improvement we made on this brew was with our yeast starter.  I’ve been making starters for a while now however just found out that my method may not have been producing enough cells for many of our beers.   Especially if the original yeast is getting close to it’s “best by” date.  I’ve used the online calculators to figure cell counts but it looks like I didn’t know how to read that info properly.  I did a step-up starter on this one after checking out this very helpful post at Billy Brews.  Fermentation started up quickly and aggressively, hopefully all those extra cells will be beneficial.  According to Brian, this one could take 3 weeks to finish up completely, we’ll have to leave this one alone for a weekend while we go to Hunahpu Day.  Did I mention we’re going to Hunahpu Day???

Pitching Yeasties

Pitching Yeasties

And now we wait

And now we wait



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