May 3rd is National Homebrew Day!

National Homebrew Day Big Brew - May 3, 2014

National Homebrew Day Big Brew – May 3, 2014

Some info on National Homebrew Day from the AHA website:

In 1988, May 7 was announced before Congress as National Homebrew Day. The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) created AHA Big Brew as an annual event to celebrate National Homebrew Day around the world. AHA Big Brew is held each year on the first Saturday in May.

Anyone, even homebrew shops, can host and register a Big Brew event, so invite your friends and family, gather around the brew kettle and join in the global celebration of the greatest hobby there is—homebrewing!

There are a lot of events planned around the country to introduce people to homebrewing.  If you’d like to see what this hobby is all about check here to see what events are in your area.  We’ll be celebrating here at MHB by brewing up a session rye IPA.  The recipe for this is a collaboration with several of our friends and we are all going to brew it then share the beer with each other to see the differences.  We’re located in GA, OH, FL and TX so it will be interesting to see the differences we get from our different equipment, processes and water profiles.

Stay tuned and we’ll post a recap of brew day with some more info on the beer.

Mostly Harmless beer receives rave reviews.

Amazing saison, one of the best I’ve ever had!”

Best beer here!

Love the beer, I would totally buy this!

Delectable! Great pour!

That’s just a sampling of the comments we received on our Synesthesia Saison from attendees of Burnt Hickory’s 2nd anniversary party.  In case you missed our last post, we were invited to Burnt Hickory to help them brew our recipe and then serve it at the party.  This was our first public appearance and we had a blast.  From the time the doors opened we had a steady of flow of people eager to try our brew.   We were able to talk with people about how we brew, share some info on what the saison style is all about, and to soak up all that glorious praise for our beer.  What a rush.

Big thanks to Burnt Hickory for this opportunity, it was amazingly cool of them to invite a few homebrewers to join them and serve our beers, it’s an opportunity we don’t get very often.  And the other brewers did an amazing job as well and we had a great selection of ciders, stouts, porters and IPA’s.  We’ve got a lot of talent here in Georgia!

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First Year Hop Growing – Part 2

Finally!  The hops are in the ground and the supports are re-strung for the hops to climb.  I added some mulch to the top to keep everything moist and minimize erosion.  The bed has been well saturated with some Miracle Gro fertilizer and I hope to see the shoots breaking free very soon.

In my first post on our attempt at hop farming I mentioned that the twine that was recommended to us (tomato twine) by the guy at Home Depot just wasn’t going to make the cut.  It was very weak and brittle and broke with very little force.  I took to Googling to see what was a good choice and found several people recommending jute twine.  I ended up using 5-ply jute twine that is rated at 108 lbs.  One of the Amazon reviewers noted that he’d used it for 20′ runs to grow hops and another said they’d used it to hang planter baskets, sounds like this should be perfect.  We also added a piece of angle iron and an L-brace to support the center post.  I didn’t drive the post in the ground as I wanted the full 8′ for the hops to climb (since many of them can grow 20′ or more) so I only supported it by anchoring the upright post to the center brace, and that was a bit shaky.  We drove about 1′ of a 2′ piece of angle iron into the ground and then anchored it to the upright post, seems pretty strong now.

So now we wait.  I hate waiting.

Centennial Hop Rhizomes

Centennial Hop Rhizomes

Happy Birthday to the ground!

Happy Birthday to the ground!

Hob bed planted and new twine added

Hob bed planted and new twine added

Mostly Harmless brew pouring at Burnt Hickory’s 2nd Anniversary!

Big news for us!  We’ve been invited to brew and serve one of our recipes with the crew at Burnt Hickory Brewing!

BHB is throwing their 2nd Anniversary party on April 26th and as part of their celebration they’ll have a Meet the Future Brewers of Georgia section where you can sample some awesome homebrew.  Scott Hedeen (Owner / President / Brewmaster) wanted to do this as a nod to his homebrewing roots and allow some homebrewers the chance to share their recipes with others.  Of course they’ll be pouring a long list of their regulars as well as a few of their special release beers.

tMHBC <3's BHB

tMHBC <3’s BHB

Here are the homebrewers that will be featured at the event.  I’ve included links to their FB page or website (if available), check ’em out.  Calling some of these guys homebrewers may not be fair, a couple of them are amazing brewers and are either already brewing pro or will be very soon, this is a great chance to sample the fruits of their labor.

In addition to the great beer being poured there will also be live music, food available, and the crowning of Miss BHB with an awesome sash and tiara to wear… all the finalists are male. 😉  It’s gonna be an awesome event and if you haven’t been to a BHB open house before this is one to check out.  See you there!


From Garden to Glass (Hopefully). First Year Hop Growing.

A Home for Hops

Hop trellis built!  Under the watchful eye of our supervisor. brew dog Boo.


We. Are. Farmers.  Bum, buh dum dum, bum bum bum.

Well at least we hope to be.  tMHBC has decided to try our hand at growing some hops.  We laid the foundation yesterday and built a raise bed to plant the rhizomes in.  The soil still needs a bit of prepping and there’s a good chance we need to swap out the twine we used for the bines to climb.  The guy at Home Depot recommended some stuff called tomato twine but it seems fairly brittle and as Brian mentioned as he was perching on the top of the ladder to loop it through the supports, it may not hold the weight of the plants.  After swapping out the twine I’ll mix some fertilizer into the soil, plant the bines and covering them with a nice protective blanket of mulch.  We’ll keep you posted on how things go.

P to the S: I know hops are toxic for dogs.  So far Boo has shown no interest in hops when I’ve let her sniff them, but I’ll still keep an eye on her around the plants.


Happy National Beer Day!

Happy Nation Beer Day!

Happy Nation Beer Day!

Happy holiday, everyone!

Each year on April 7th we celebrate National Beer Day in the US.  This date is chosen because it’s the day that sale of beer (below 3.2%) became legal again in the US in 1933, after 13 long years of prohibition.  We can thank Senator Pat Harrison and Representative Thomas Cullen, who sponsored the Cullen-Harrison Act, for helping us to legally enjoy beer again.  This allowed it on a national level but individual states still hate to pass legislation to allow it as well.

Crack a cold one tonight and celebrate our FREEDOM to have a beer here in the good ol’ US of A.