From Garden to Glass (Hopefully). First Year Hop Growing.

A Home for Hops

Hop trellis built!  Under the watchful eye of our supervisor. brew dog Boo.


We. Are. Farmers.  Bum, buh dum dum, bum bum bum.

Well at least we hope to be.  tMHBC has decided to try our hand at growing some hops.  We laid the foundation yesterday and built a raise bed to plant the rhizomes in.  The soil still needs a bit of prepping and there’s a good chance we need to swap out the twine we used for the bines to climb.  The guy at Home Depot recommended some stuff called tomato twine but it seems fairly brittle and as Brian mentioned as he was perching on the top of the ladder to loop it through the supports, it may not hold the weight of the plants.  After swapping out the twine I’ll mix some fertilizer into the soil, plant the bines and covering them with a nice protective blanket of mulch.  We’ll keep you posted on how things go.

P to the S: I know hops are toxic for dogs.  So far Boo has shown no interest in hops when I’ve let her sniff them, but I’ll still keep an eye on her around the plants.



6 thoughts on “From Garden to Glass (Hopefully). First Year Hop Growing.

  1. Hey, just so you know; first year, you’ll be lucky to get a lb of hops. 2nd and 3rd year they definitely get going. Check my blog for hop details. I got some good tips I’m happy to share.

    • Thanks for the reply. I’ve heard first year hops don’t usually produce much. Whatever we get we’ll brew up something with them and then look forward to a bigger haul next year!

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