First Year Hop Growing – Part 2

Finally!  The hops are in the ground and the supports are re-strung for the hops to climb.  I added some mulch to the top to keep everything moist and minimize erosion.  The bed has been well saturated with some Miracle Gro fertilizer and I hope to see the shoots breaking free very soon.

In my first post on our attempt at hop farming I mentioned that the twine that was recommended to us (tomato twine) by the guy at Home Depot just wasn’t going to make the cut.  It was very weak and brittle and broke with very little force.  I took to Googling to see what was a good choice and found several people recommending jute twine.  I ended up using 5-ply jute twine that is rated at 108 lbs.  One of the Amazon reviewers noted that he’d used it for 20′ runs to grow hops and another said they’d used it to hang planter baskets, sounds like this should be perfect.  We also added a piece of angle iron and an L-brace to support the center post.  I didn’t drive the post in the ground as I wanted the full 8′ for the hops to climb (since many of them can grow 20′ or more) so I only supported it by anchoring the upright post to the center brace, and that was a bit shaky.  We drove about 1′ of a 2′ piece of angle iron into the ground and then anchored it to the upright post, seems pretty strong now.

So now we wait.  I hate waiting.

Centennial Hop Rhizomes

Centennial Hop Rhizomes

Happy Birthday to the ground!

Happy Birthday to the ground!

Hob bed planted and new twine added

Hob bed planted and new twine added


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