Want a Mostly Harmless Brewing t-shirt?

Dress Yourself in Awesomeness™

Dress Yourself in Awesomeness™

A few folks have seen how dead sexy Brian looks in his Mostly Harmless Brewing t-shirt and asked us, “How can I be that sexy?”  We suggest starting with daily doses of bacon and beer and also ordering one of these sweet t-shirts.

We found a new supplier and can finally offer these at a decent price, rather than the $35+ price we’ve been paying.  They will be available in a variety of colors for $15 for size S-XL and $17.50 for size 2X-5X.  Right now this is just a feeler to see who is interested but if we can get at least 12 orders we can offer them at that price.  If you’d be interested in one just leave a comment here or drop us a message on FB or Twitter, or call us… or stop us when you see us out drinking and tell us.  If we get a few people interested we’ll put some kind of order form together so we can place an order.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and want to meet up then there would be no shipping costs on this however we’ll be happy to ship these anywhere in the world, provided the buyer covers the cost of shipping.

Get these now while they’re still super limited edition.  One day you can show off your First Edition MHB shirt and impress all your friends.



Use the order form above to place an order for a tMHBC t-shirt.  To offer variety in colors we will order these in batches once we reach a minimum order of 12.  We’ll note above whether orders are open or closed.

Mostly Harmless Brewing Co. T-Shirt Colors

“Ryesponsibale Collaboration” – A session IPA

Maybe we could call it RC?  Or by it’s full legal name The Mostly Harmless Brewing Co.’s Ryesponsibale Collaboration Session IPA, Esq.  We’re gonna need a bigger label.

We dropped some dry hop action into this one earlier this week (1 oz Crystal / .5 oz Centennial / .5 oz Ahtanum) and it’s cold crashing right now.  It’s got an amazing hop aroma and a pronounced, but smooth, bitterness.  We finished up at 1.010 which landed us at 4.8% ABV, a bit higher than our target of 4.2% but we used our grain mill for the first time and pulled a bit more efficiency than we estimated.  Oh well, 4.8% is still pretty sessionable IMO.

If you missed the back story on this beer check it out here.  In short, we collaborated with some friends around the country and we’re each brewing the same recipe and then we’ll share the beers we brewed to compare them.  Should be a fun experiment.  OK, I guess that pretty much is the back story, no need to click that link now.

Our Centennial hop farming is coming along nicely as well despite brew dog Boo’s efforts to dig up the hop bed.  We’ve discussed that this is unacceptable and I’m sure she’ll behave now.  I can’t wait til these get long enough to start climbing and producing cones.

Centennial hops start to shoot up!

Centennial hops start to shoot up!


Session Rye IPA Brewday and Hop Farming Update

Since Saturday was National Homebrew Day / Big Brew Day we pretty much had to brew some beer.  Mother Nature looked upon us most favorably and the weather was absolutely perfect for hanging outside and brewing.  A few friends joined us and enjoyed a day of brewing, drinking, eating and smoking cigars – not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

For this brew we collaborated with several friends on the brew.  We’re all going to brew the beer then send a couple bottles to each other to see the differences we each get.  We’re pretty widely distributed (GA, OH, FL, TX and MO) so it will be interesting to see the differences we get from this recipe.  We’ve wanted to do a session beer for a while and this was a good chance to make it a bit more fun.  The recipe is based off of Denny Conn’s Wry Smile IPA tweaked to a target of 4.2% ABV and 61 IBU.  This was our first brew milling our own grains and we got a bit more gravity than expected.  We hit 1.047 with a target of 1.042, looks like our actual ABV on this one will land around 4.8%, still sessionable IMO.

We’ll check the gravity this weekend and see how it’s coming along.  This one will probably have to stay in the fermenter for a few weeks as I have to go out of town the weekend of the 17th, hopefully we’ll get it kegged up on the 24th.

Not a long video, but here’s a little Instagram snippet from the brewday.

Our hops are coming in nicely.  It took them a while to break the surface but they’re growing an inch or so each day now.  We’ve got 6 shoots that I can find with a couple of them much more aggressive than the others.  I wish they’d hurry the heck up.

Hop Sprout - 05/02/14

Hop Sprout – 05/02/14


Hop Sprout - 05/06/14

Hop Sprout – 05/06/14