Want a Mostly Harmless Brewing t-shirt?

Dress Yourself in Awesomeness™

Dress Yourself in Awesomeness™

A few folks have seen how dead sexy Brian looks in his Mostly Harmless Brewing t-shirt and asked us, “How can I be that sexy?”  We suggest starting with daily doses of bacon and beer and also ordering one of these sweet t-shirts.

We found a new supplier and can finally offer these at a decent price, rather than the $35+ price we’ve been paying.  They will be available in a variety of colors for $15 for size S-XL and $17.50 for size 2X-5X.  Right now this is just a feeler to see who is interested but if we can get at least 12 orders we can offer them at that price.  If you’d be interested in one just leave a comment here or drop us a message on FB or Twitter, or call us… or stop us when you see us out drinking and tell us.  If we get a few people interested we’ll put some kind of order form together so we can place an order.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and want to meet up then there would be no shipping costs on this however we’ll be happy to ship these anywhere in the world, provided the buyer covers the cost of shipping.

Get these now while they’re still super limited edition.  One day you can show off your First Edition MHB shirt and impress all your friends.



Use the order form above to place an order for a tMHBC t-shirt.  To offer variety in colors we will order these in batches once we reach a minimum order of 12.  We’ll note above whether orders are open or closed.

Mostly Harmless Brewing Co. T-Shirt Colors



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