Chemistry of Beer course…. COMPLETE!

Chemistry of Beer.  Wow.

We don’t need no stinkin’ completion badges… but they’re still pretty sweet.

I posted back in January about OU’s free online course, Chemistry of Beer.  The course recently completed and I’m happy to say that Brian and I passed it with flying colors.  OK, maybe not flying colors.  The course was a 400 level Chemistry course and it was most certainly not easy for those of us with very little chemistry background.  However, the course had a a lot of excellent information and the instructor (Dr. Mark Morvant) was excellent.  He was very active in the online forums within the learning platform (called Janux) as well as on Twitter and on Reddit.  The course is going to be offered again in August and, based on feedback, will likely be an 8 week course.

The lessons started with an overview of brewing and brewing history and moved on to the health impacts of alcohol.  We also studied beer styles, malting & kilning, mashing & lautering, boiling & hopping, fermentation and finishing & packaging.  Each of the units was very deep into the chemistry of the processes and including a lot of diagrams and illustrations to help you along.

Overall the course was great, the Janux platform was awesome and Dr. Morvant was excellent – I’m sure he was running non-stop to keep up with everything.  If you want to get deep into the chemistry of beer and brewing take a look at the upcoming course, but prepared to earn every pixel of that completion badge!


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