Synesthesia Pêche – Brew in Review

We brewed Synesthesia Pêche at the end of October and recently were able to enjoy the (peachy) fruits of our labor.  This was our first successful fruited beer, with Kiwi Kaleidoscope being our first attempt as well as an education on how protease enzymes work.  Live and brew and learn… then brew it again.

Synesthesia Pêeche

Synesthesia Pêeche

For Synesthesia Pêche we used freeze-dried peaches.  I chose freeze-dried after watching The Mind of a Chef and seeing them recommended to get the most true fruit flavor in cooking, I figured that would apply to brewing as well.  I guess in order to get a good comparison I would have to do this again with another form of peaches but I can say that I’m please with the results from the freeze-dried.  The aroma of peach comes out on the pour, however it fades a lot after the initial burst.  However the peach flavor is big and juicy in the beer, perfectly balanced with the beer being mostly dry with enough sweetness to make the peach flavor pop.  Most of those that tried it said the flavor was just right, with one of our friends saying it was a bit too intense.  That friend is crazy and we all know it.

Normally I don’t pay a lot of attention to the proper seasons for beer but I have to say that drinking this reminded me of late Spring to early Summer and it would be perfect then, perhaps paired with an assortment of cheeses.  Maybe I’ll try to save some until then.

Some sexy bottles of Synesthesia Pêche

Some sexy bottles of Synesthesia Pêche


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