We’re still brewing!

Gose Cuervo Label.png

I’m not dead yet!

Wow, almost a year since our last post.  Time can really get away from you.  We’re still brewing, though not as much as we’d like to.  It’s been a busy year and sometimes life just gets in the way.  Stupid life.

Here’s what we’ve been up to.

In the last year we’ve brewed about 8 batches.  More variations of our Synesthesia Saison, like one with a Brett addition (got a couple of medals for that one) and Johnny Saisoni, a variant with sun-dried tomato and basil.  Johnny was a great beer, it received mixed reviews with those that didn’t care for it saying it was a well-brewed beer just not something they wanted to drink.  Fair enough.  Most recently we brewed a batch that will get ~12 lbs. of hand-picked Georgia blueberries very soon then did a partigyle to get a Table Beer that will get some gin botanicals added.

We whipped out a couple more kettle sours.  Our latest one, Gose Cuervo, is a margarita gose.  I’m really happy with that one.  Very clean tartness and awesome lime flavor (we used a boatload of key lime zest in it) with a good salt balance and a hint of tequila.  The keg is almost kicked, and that makes me sad.

Deep ThoughtDeep Thought was our most successful IPA brew so far and was a NE style inspired beer.  It had a light haziness and was nice and juicy.  It didn’t last very long.

The BANDITO! Mexican Imperial Stout we brewed aged very well and landed us a 2nd place medal in a local competition.  We’ll definitely have to brew that one again.  On the stout front our most ambitious brewing project was with our homebrew club.  We brewed a 15 gallon batch of Imperial Stout that went into a bourbon barrel then recently brewed another 10 gallons that we’ll use to blend with the barrel-aged beer.  It took longer than we expected to get the bourbon right, for a while it just tasted like nondescript alcohol, we were afraid we may have a huge batch of drain pour on our hands.  Finally, after 4-5 months, it started to take on some awesome bourbony goodness.  Whew.

We just finished a keezer conversion and now have actual taps in our brewhouse.  We’d been living like peasants using picnic taps for a while, not anymore!  Having an actual keezer is pretty damn sweet.  I mean, it’s like magic.  You just pull a handle and BOOM… beer right into your glass.

We’re trying our hand at harvesting some local yeast.  I’ve got some fruit and flowers in tubes right now growing.  An initial sniff tests shows we may have pulled something nice off some local blueberries.  We’ll try isolating a strain soon.


So why are we just posting about all this now?

We’ve been really busy.  Seriously.  Brian is a cigar blogger and the time he has for writing and doing videos usually has to go to his cigar blog.  If you’re a cigar fan check them out over at StogieReview.com. The big annual trade show just wrapped up so they’ll have some hot and sexy content flowing very soon.

At the beginning of this year I took on a new project that takes up 99% of my “free” time, I’m hosting a craft beer radio show out of Atlanta – Beer Guys Radio.  We had some quick buzz and the show has been syndicated and we’re now on stations in Georgia and Alabama.  We’re also available as a podcast if you’re not in one of our radio markets.  We’ll be launching a couple of new shows soon, more info to come.  You should totally check us out.

OK, we’re all caught up.  Whew.

So that’s what we’ve been doing for that last 11 months.  In all honesty the posts here will probably still be sporadic, but we’ll try to post a bit more.  We hope to brew a bit more than we have been, and we’d like to do a few upgrades to the brewhouse.  Wish us luck.

As we part ways for now, please enjoy this pic of Brian with a beard full of cocktail umbrellas.




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