About Us

We are Tim and Brian and we like beer.  We are amateur brewers and professional drinkers.  We live in Atlanta, GA (OK, Brian lives in Atlanta and Tim lives in the ‘burbs) and we use Tim’s garage as our brewhouse.

We decided to start brewing mainly because we got sick of chasing the super-rare beers.  We figured rather than chase them we’d simply learn to make them ourselves.   So we bought a Mr. Beer kit and got started, fast forward and we now have a full all-grain brewing setup as well as a kegging setup.

We like to brew saisons, porters, and stouts quite a bit but brew most any style.  Some of our favorites have been our BANDITO! Mexican Stout, Synesthesia Pêche peach saison, and Atlantarctica Belgian-style trippel white IPA.

Check out these awesome AWARDS we’ve won.

  • Synesthesia Saison – 2nd (16C Saison) – 2014 Peach State Brew Off
  • It’s The Great Pumpkin, Timmy D! – 1st (21A SHV) – 2014 Palmetto State Brewers Open
  • Synesthesia Pêche – 2nd (20 Fruit Beer) – 2015 Suwanee Beer Fest
  • Synesthesia American – 2nd (16E Belgian Specialty) – 2015 New South Brew Off

Because we are super interesting and witty you should follow us on social media.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am the organizer of the local Beer Meetup. I would love to do something to support your little brewery! Where can I find your beers? Or, could we have a Meetup at your place, or somewhere nearby so we can sample your wares? Please contact me soon!


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